What You Need To Know When Evaluating a Financial Wellness Solution

Financial stress today is at an all time high. A recent survey we conducted in October 2020 revealed that nearly half (48%) of knowledge workers report feeling stressed or concerned about their personal finances, a spike of 9% from just three months prior.

Companies are uniquely positioned to tackle issues related to financial stress as an employee’s financial life is tied very closely to their employer’s as their source of primary income and benefits. By implementing holistic financial wellness programs, employers can help employees relieve financial stress and positively impact workplace productivity and engagement.

You’re convinced of the value of financial wellness programs, but don’t know where to get started. How do you go about selecting the financial wellness solution that best fits your company’s needs?

In this Buyer’s Guide, What You Need To Know When Evaluating a Financial Wellness Solution, we identify key elements for you to look for when evaluating solutions. You’ll learn about:

  • The core capabilities required in a best-in-class solution, one that your employees will actually use
  • How to drive employee adoption and engagement, and measure success
  • The key questions to ask every step of the way

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