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HRE experts

What 5 recent HR tech events say about the state of the industry

As the busy spring HR tech events season wraps up, HR Tech Conference Chair Steve Boese shares the biggest takeaways.

How and why to put ‘irresistible’ leadership into action

HRE experts Josh Bersin and Kathi Enderes write that trust in a company is the most critical element for employee engagement, retention and business performance, making leadership critical.

Does Agile HR really work?

Given the reported success rate of Agile, it’s no wonder that HR is interested in getting in on the action.

What’s keeping HR from being seen as a true strategic partner?

A majority of HR professionals report that their function still is not viewed as a driver of business strategy.

Amid uncertainty, look to the maturing people analytics market

The people analytics technology market is in a very strong, albeit cautious, position, as it looks to cater to customer needs.

ChatGPT—this time, those ‘revolutionary’ predictions are for real

The AI-powered ChatGPT tool has a wide range of implications for HR, some of which we haven't even considered yet.

With skills back in focus, what’s the latest for HR and tech leaders?

As the pandemic wanes, organizations are zeroing back in on closing the skills gap by leveraging emerging tech.

HR’s problem isn’t capability—it’s capacity

HR is in the hot seat amid widespread layoffs. And it's highlighting the challenges facing the people function.

The great tech squander: 10 ways to NOT fumble your HR digital strategy

A well-planned HR digital strategy, coupled with smart tech selection, can yield significant results for organizations.

It’s a new world of total rewards: 4 strategies for systemic rewards

From employee pay to total rewards to systemic rewards, the future of employee compensation is here, and it's vital to business success.