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Beyond hiring: How inclusive culture fuels innovation at Marriott

CHRO Andrew Newmark shares how Marriott’s commitment to DE&I drives innovation and excellence across Asia-Pacific, excluding China.

Leveraging change for long-lasting impact in organizations

HR Tech Conference Chair Steve Boese discusses how HR leaders can take advantage of changing societal norms to embrace change for the future.

How digital transformation is evolving leadership

Organizations like Inchcape have embraced digital transformation in their daily processes, including within leadership.

Zoom chief people officer is a champion of employee communication

Communication is highly prized across organizations, especially in businesses with large workforces distributed around the globe. Because employees, managers and leaders are so busy,...

Two companies institute 6-day work weeks for execs, raising concerns

Samsung and SK Group executives are being told to work six days a week, a shift that has sparked concern over employee wellbeing.

AI training revolution: Upskilling for a new era

A recent Coursera for Business webinar explored how generative AI can be leveraged for workforce development and training.

Remote co-founder: Forget fixed hours and embrace flexibility

Job van der Voort, CEO and co-founder of Remote, elaborates on the transformative power of asynchronous work for global organizations.

Australia considering bill to outlaw after-work calls

A proposed new law will permit employees to create a clear boundary between work and their lives, allowing them to enjoy their personal time.

Simple ways to boost employee recognition at work

How can organizations praise and recognize employees when they achieve goals and hit milestones?

Use of ESG measures increases across Asia Pacific firms

A continued increase in the adoption of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) measures has been observed in executive incentive plans across markets, including Asia...