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Australia considering bill to outlaw after-work calls

A proposed new law will permit employees to create a clear boundary between work and their lives, allowing them to enjoy their personal time.

Simple ways to boost employee recognition at work

How can organizations praise and recognize employees when they achieve goals and hit milestones?

Use of ESG measures increases across Asia Pacific firms

A continued increase in the adoption of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) measures has been observed in executive incentive plans across markets, including Asia...

Work in the office full-time? Never again, says Australian company

Leaders with Australian tech firm Atlassian discovered that remote work, at least for them, is here to stay after 1,000 days.

From Ultimate Silicon Valley insider Ray Wang

Silicon Valley business analyst, best-selling author and technology commentator R “Ray” Wang is set to join the lineup for HR Tech Festival Asia 2020.

How DBS Changed Its Fortunes in Less than a Decade

DBS Bank's Paul Cobban talked about the company's unique and rapid transformation.

At Google, Everything Starts with an Optimistic Mindset

Google's chief innovation evangelist says true business transformation starts with the employees.

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