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Performance Management

Employee engagement and the bottom line: HR can help make the business case

Connecting employee engagement to a company’s financial performance requires HR leaders take a strategic approach, according to new Microsoft research.

PepsiCo selects Cognizant CPO to head up its HR efforts

Beverage giant PepsiCo has named Becky Schmitt of Cognizant its new CHRO, replacing the retiring Ronald Schellekens.

What leadership means to the HR head of an 88k-strong workforce

MarshMcLennan’s Carmen Fernandez shares her outlook on what qualities HR leaders today need to thrive.

How to take your employee listening strategy to the next level of maturity

In a recent HRE webinar, people insights platform Perceptyx and global healthcare company Organon shared best practices for gathering, and acting on, employee feedback.

Why social equity is a ‘critical’ imperative in the war for talent

EY offers three equity-driven strategies to turn collective quitting into collective thriving.

5 benefits to rebooting the performance review with a coaching mindset

Modern businesses need a new, hands-on approach to activating and engaging employees.

4 employee engagement survey questions you need to be asking

Encouraging your workers to reflect on how they feel about their role within your organization can lead to valuable insights.

What a strong coaching culture can do for trust, performance and resilience

Today's managers need a coaching mindset if they want to meet the L&D demands of their workforce.

What ‘Super Bowl Monday’ callouts could say about trust in the workplace

The Workforce Institute at UKG predicts a record number of Americans won't be working on Monday.

Why ServiceNow invested in a fellow HR tech provider, plus a new way to measure health risks

A startup delivers benefits rivaling those offered by large companies, and a fintech firm names a new chief people officer.