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Caterpillar’s transformative CHRO is the 2023 HR Executive of the Year

Cheryl Johnson, HRE's HR Executive of the Year, focused on leadership training and skills learning through tech to help transform Caterpillar into a 21st-century leader.

How to capitalize on skills tech offerings in a market now worth $1.3B

Conference attendees heard advice from RedThread Research on HR tech and skill management, including data on vendor investments.

HR tech CEO and former OpenAI exec discuss AI’s workforce implications

A former exec with OpenAI and a current HR tech CEO discuss the skills needed for the future of HR, plus more from around HR Tech.

Google’s plan for expanding opportunity and access in the future of work

Chief DEI Officer Melonie Parker outlines the tech giant's work to break down barriers that prevent access to high-growth jobs.

The retention recipe at ‘America’s Diner’: Save room for education

Denny's Fasika Melaku says the new GAIN educational attainment program is boosting DE&I, recruitment, retention and the bottom line.

Why employers continue to fail on L&D

Over 85% of employers believe they are delivering the skills development employees need, but the workforce has substantially different views. Find out how to narrow the gap.

Incorporate the diverse skills of an aging workforce

 HR professionals have the power to embrace the skills and experiences of an aging workforce—and the immense potential it brings the organization.

Forrester: AI will influence way more jobs than it replaces

By 2030, generative AI will augment more than 11 million U.S. jobs. For HR, this will likely be due to vendor enhancements.

HR’s biggest post-COVID hiring challenge? The ‘widening’ skills gap

Littler's new Labor Day report puts HR leaders on notice: Solving the skills gap will require a multi-faceted, collaborative focus.

HR Tech’s mega sessions: Who is coming, why you should see them

Here’s what the HRE editors are most excited to learn from each of the HR Tech Conference 2023 mega sessions.