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Remote/hybrid work

Forget ‘quiet vacationing.’ HR has a bigger problem

Wharton expert Peter Cappelli considers how two competing management approaches are leaving workers with inconsistent messaging around time off.

Why mandated RTO could lead to massive executive departures

Fearing a loss of autonomy and work/life balance, many executives would leave an organization rather than return to the office, a recent Gartner report finds.

Amid return-to-office mandates, why Yelp is embracing fully remote work

The chief people officer of the online business review giant says the org's remote-first model has been a boon for recruiting, among other outcomes.

Synchrony tackles RTO with workplace flexibility—and it yields results

As the pandemic eased, Synchrony’s CHRO DJ Casto faced the same dilemma as other HR leaders — how and where should employees work? Here’s how Casto leaned into the workforce for answers and the success he found with workplace flexibility.

Asynchronous work: 3 strategies to make it more effective

For nearly 20 years, software company Atlassian has had a distributed workforce. Here’s what HR leaders can learn about making asynchronous work a success.