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Remote/hybrid work

How top-rated employers use tech, flexibility to reap bottom-line benefits

According to a recent global survey, employers can gain a competitive edge with these key flexibility and tech-related attributes and actions.

Remote-first: How 3 major firms are making it work

As many companies call workers back to the office, Dropbox, Synchrony Financial and Pinterest are letting them stay primarily remote,

In the hybrid era, are you overlooking your ‘mismatched’ employees?

More than one-third of employees are "mismatched": remote when they want to be in-office, or in-office when they want to be remote.

At JCPenney, return-to-office means employee empowerment, flexibility

JCPenney CHRO Andre Joyner shares how the retailer is giving employees a voice in everything from its RTO to shift and pay scheduling.

To make RTO work, HR and the CEO need to have some tough conversations

The number of employers instituting return-to-office policies is expected to soar to 80% by the end of the year, putting more HR leaders in the position of addressing the difficult topic with their top business leader.

How American businesses messed up work-from-home policies

The time is now for HR executives to take a close look at work-from-home policies in a new light―and with employee needs in mind.

Amazon digs in on RTO: Come back or it’s ‘not going to work out’

First, the tech giant announced corporate employees must work in a company "hub" three days a week—or resign without severance. How will employees react now?

How employers can ease back-to-school strain on parents

As parents rev up to get their kids back to school, here's how employers can reduce the strain on workers' time and finances.

Will Zoom’s return-to-office policy help other HR leaders bring workers back?

Some experts think so, but what do you think? Take our survey and let us know.

Struggling with return-to-office? Why hybrid may offer ‘balance’

HR leaders struggling to get workers back to the office are facing competing priorities. Hybrid work may address some of those challenges.