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Remote/hybrid work

3 principles for building a resilient remote workforce

Cultivating a resilient remote work culture requires a thoughtful combination of strategic vision, personalized team member support and meaningful opportunities for in-person connection.

RTO trends: Are we really all heading back to offices full-time?

Citigroup, HSBC and Barclays are the latest companies to require more employees to come into the office full-time. However, a return-to-office expert cautions HR leaders against assuming this is an emerging trend.

Forget ‘quiet vacationing.’ HR has a bigger problem

Wharton expert Peter Cappelli considers how two competing management approaches are leaving workers with inconsistent messaging around time off.

Why mandated RTO could lead to massive executive departures

Fearing a loss of autonomy and work/life balance, many executives would leave an organization rather than return to the office, a recent Gartner report finds.