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AI and machine learning

Tech’s vital role in TA as recruiters themselves join the Great Resignation

AI and data transformation can ease the burden on talent acquisition and recruitment professionals, which might help keep them in their critical organizational roles, experts say.

The 5 biggest HR tech trends coming your way this year

From adopting gig economy best practices to expanding the use of AI, here are the top 5 HR tech trends to look out for in 2022.

How AI is helping drive employee financial wellness

With a majority of workers reporting an increase in financial stress, solutions to relieve that stress are growing.

How this veteran CHRO is turning his focus to AI ‘for the common good’

The Allen Institute for AI recently announced Tim Mulligan as its first CHRO.

Is VR the solution to soft skills training?

An HR leader from Indeed shares how VR has helped shape manager-employee relations within the organization during the pandemic.

Why building employee trust is the next frontier for AI in HR

A new survey finds that 'trustwothy AI' should be a critical component of the HR tech landscape going forward.

Sage-Gavin: Key to bold leadership? Foresight to create the future

As many have said, 'The best way to predict the future is to create it.'

How Josh Bersin believes the pandemic will reshape HR tech

The HR Tech Conference keynoter shares insights about market shifts, the labor crisis and more.

AI will make traditional HR extinct; How to prepare for what’s next

CHRO Sonia Mathai of Globality explains how AI complements human resources to help the function work faster and smarter.

Sumser: Google’s AI ethics problem just got even worse

Google recently fired the second leader of its AI Ethics team. Here's what that means for the AI community.

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