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AI and machine learning

What 5 recent HR tech events say about the state of the industry

As the busy spring HR tech events season wraps up, HR Tech Conference Chair Steve Boese shares the biggest takeaways.

PwC’s HR, tech leaders prepare to train U.S. workforce on ChatGPT technology

Over the next three years, PwC's HR and IT leaders will be upskilling over 65,000 U.S. employees on the power of generative AI.

Microsoft: AI can fix your productivity problem

Microsoft's new report finds that AI can be a significant asset to boost productivity and creativity. And employees want to use it.

HireVue acquires rival to bolster skills-based screening tool and ethical AI

HireVue’s buyout of Modern Hire comes as the talent acquisition industry undergoes consolidation around skills-based candidate screening.

As contingent workforces grow, Workday unveils new tool to assist HR

The move comes as the vendor management system market balloons to more than $226 billion and HR professionals take the lead.

ChatGPT—this time, those ‘revolutionary’ predictions are for real

The AI-powered ChatGPT tool has a wide range of implications for HR, some of which we haven't even considered yet.

Why are people analytics skills still lacking in HR?

Know-how around people analytics and automation is key for HR success today, but many "people people" need to hone their skills.

Why personalization is ‘table stakes’ for employers, according to an Oracle leader

Personalization, particularly by leveraging tech, can help organizations meet evolving employee expectations.

The “Great Retention”: It all starts with hiring

Retention and recruiting go hand in hand—and both can be strengthened by leveraging tech.

AI for HR: Managing the risks of disparate impact discrimination

Before implementing an AI solution, HR must properly vet vendors and audit potential tools to ensure it is minimizing risks.