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Mental health

Enthusiasm for virtual healthcare is waning, but investments continue

Employers are less enthusiastic about the impact of virtual healthcare than they used to be but are still planning big investments in this area. Here’s why.

Employer health benefit costs to soar again in 2024. Why?

Experts share what's driving the multi-year increase and what employers are doing to mitigate the financial impact.

Why solving family mental health is a business imperative

There is a crucial connection between family mental health and workplace productivity, new research shows. Here are four ways to address the needs of your workforce and their families.

Open enrollment trends: More employers to cover weight loss drugs next year

A new report from the Business Group on Health shows growth in coverage of these drugs as well as of personalized medicine, cancer screenings and more.

Amazon digs in on RTO: Come back or it’s ‘not going to work out’

First, the tech giant announced corporate employees must work in a company "hub" three days a week—or resign without severance. How will employees react now?

A ‘dire’ situation: Employees’ mental healthcare needs soar again

Those needs, as well as a rising incidence of cancer, are increasing employers' healthcare costs, according to the Business Group on Health.

How employers can ease back-to-school strain on parents

As parents rev up to get their kids back to school, here's how employers can reduce the strain on workers' time and finances.

The latest trend in employee retention? Even more pet benefits

After a surge in pet adoptions during COVID, more employers are turning to benefits like pet insurance and welcoming pets at work.

Be heard: 6 effective communication tips for open enrollment

In the hybrid world, open enrollment season is a new challenge. Here are some tips to maximize your benefits communication.

Why employers need a primary care strategy—and 6 ways to make it happen

Employers face new choices in primary care as the landscape evolves. Here's what HR leaders should be considering.