Tom Starner

Tom Starner is a freelance writer based in Philadelphia who has been covering the human resource space and all of its component processes for over two decades. He can be reached at [email protected].

Why Gen Z, millennials are turning to ‘side jobs’ to stay afloat

A new survey found that a fairly large percentage of younger employees work "side gigs" to make ends meet, which experts say highlights an opportunity for HR to support their financial and mental health.

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While a new FTC noncompete rule change faces legal challenges, experts offer tips for employers to consider in the near-term.

How HR leaders can navigate politics, work in a divisive election year

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Divorce, climate change or RTO: What do workers fear the most?

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Here’s what employees think the future of work will really look like

In the next 30 years, employees envision ongoing financial worries, yet fairly high levels of loyalty to their employers.

How to create more inclusive hiring practices for neurodivergent talent

Neurodiversity can offer employers creativity, innovation and cost savings, while positively impacting workplace culture, experts say.

Managers need training to lead remote teams—but most still haven’t gotten it

Despite a marked increase in remote work, managers have largely not been trained to lead in virtual environments, according to a new study.

As HR is asked to ‘do more with less,’ how gen AI can make it possible

Gen AI's potential to drive productivity and generate data-driven insights can help HR meet today's biggest challenges, a new survey finds.