Tom Starner

Tom Starner is a freelance writer based in Philadelphia who has been covering the human resource space and all of its component processes for over two decades. He can be reached at [email protected].

Why this ‘September Surge’ may feel different

In this changed hiring market, experts say the fall hiring trend can help employers gear up to meet Q4 goals and get prepared for 2024.

The C-suite is worried about upskilling for AI. Here’s why

A new report from edX finds that nearly half of CEOs think AI could automate much of their work, and they're racing to learn how to use it.

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A new report finds an uptick in corporate DEI investment after SCOTUS struck down college affirmative action.

Trust in employers is high. But so are employee expectations

Employees trust employers more than other institutions, according to new research, but that also means employee expectations are higher.

HR’s biggest post-COVID hiring challenge? The ‘widening’ skills gap

Littler's new Labor Day report puts HR leaders on notice: Solving the skills gap will require a multi-faceted, collaborative focus.

What’s the role of upskilling as economic fears ease?

With the economy taking a potential turn for the better, employers are looking to upskill their workers to meet tech-based challenges.

Unlimited PTO: A better deal for employers than workers?

Unlimited PTO sounds like a great deal for employees, but it benefits employers more, says one expert, and the long-term payoff isn't clear.

Struggling with return-to-office? Why hybrid may offer ‘balance’

HR leaders struggling to get workers back to the office are facing competing priorities. Hybrid work may address some of those challenges.

Salary increase projections for 2024: What the numbers say

It's still an employee's market, a new survey finds, though there are signs that record salary budget increases could slow in the future.

As record heat continues, it’s sharpening HR’s focus on employee safety

With the world now seeing the hottest temps on record, employers should take a close look at their safety policies.