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Rethinking Workplace Culture to Win the New Contest for Talent

Join Meghan Stettler, Director, O.C. Tanner Institute as she shares new insights and strategies from the 2023 Global Culture Report to attract, engage, and retain top talent amid ongoing uncertainty and change.

The Employee Journey: How Employee Milestones, Holiday Celebrations, and Recognition Address Burnout

Learn from Awardco making milestones more meaningful and how to make your holiday celebrations more than just a party, and most of all: how to keep your employees from burning out.

Translating HR Initiatives to Business Value

Join Degreed on Nov. 2nd to learn how to move beyond conventional measures of HR value and get insight on how to demonstrate the ROI of HR initiatives.

Embracing Change: Managing Employee Expectations in the New World of Work

Many organizations already saw signs of change fatigue before the pandemic. In 2022, change hasn’t slowed, and many turn to HR for guidance. But HR professionals are finding it hard to offer solid advice due to fluctuating employee expectations.

Conversations: How Feedback Fosters Well-being at Work

Learn from Workhuman on unleashing the full potential of your talent with a strengths-based approach to employee development and boost workplace well-being through high-touch, high-frequency feedback built around partnership.

Level Up Your Reporting: The Five Dashboards Recruiting Leaders Need

Join us as we sit down with Rec Ops and talent leaders from Chainalysis, Plaid, and Gem to discuss how their recruitment dashboards are set up and how these dashboards power and impact their everyday business decisions. Real-life examples from high-performing teams on their go-to dashboards.

The Great Shift for Learning: Growth in the Flow of Work

This session will kick off with research findings from the just-published report, Definitive Guide for Corporate Learning: Growth in the Flow of Work.  Topics to be covered include practices and programs that have the biggest impact on employee growth and business outcomes, ways to build skills and capabilities at speed and scale, and the supporting technologies that can expedite success.

How Clinical Research & Health Economics Can Lead You to the Best Digital Health Solutions

As claims of clinical robustness, ROI, and savings can vary widely from solution to solution, this can be confusing territory to navigate. Join Sword Health and Mercer for this insightful webinar to learn how to assess clinical claims and health economics to determine the best digital health solutions for your organization.

Effective Employee Engagement Strategies & How to Become an Employer of Choice

Join WorkStep on October 4th to understand the top reasons why hourly paid workers are continuing to leave their jobs in 2022. We all think the top reason is probably pay, but spoiler alert, it’s not!

Protecting Corporate Data Provided for Machine Learning Inferencing

Aim to protect company data and IT security while still allowing for the building of accurate models. Empath uses internal client data about employees and their activities to infer skills for companies.