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The Great Resignation: A new idea for keeping employees on the job

This employment lawyer suggests organizations consider employer agreements–with a few caveats.

How COVID has created new ethical considerations for HR

Increased talent competition may have more candidates "bluffing" during negotiations.

Sumser: Google’s AI ethics problem just got even worse

Google recently fired the second leader of its AI Ethics team. Here's what that means for the AI community.

Sumser: Here’s an insider’s look at AI ethics in practice

A new project is centering ethics in the development of its AI software.

HR Tech keynote: Why ethics should be at the heart of HR tech decisions

When making COVID-19 judgments–like whether to bring workers back to the office–HR needs to think about what’s right and safe for workers.

Sumser: How health, safety and ethics will become the heart of HR

The pandemic, coupled with the advance of intelligent tools, is giving HR a new mandate.

Sumser: 8 ways to reflect on your HR ethics

HR, like the rest of our culture, is at an inflection point.

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