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Benefits technology

Retirement account consolidator Manifest wins $25K at HR Tech Pitchfest

This HR tech startup received the award for presenting a promising digital solution to a business problem that organizations face today.

Enthusiasm for virtual healthcare is waning, but investments continue

Employers are less enthusiastic about the impact of virtual healthcare than they used to be but are still planning big investments in this area. Here’s why.

Will employers try new tech for this open enrollment?

With the 2023 annual enrollment season coming soon, HR teams are considering AI-driven communication solutions.

HR Tech Check: Building confidence in AI

Safety, security and trust are fundamental aspects of responsible AI for HR tech.

Benefits buyer’s remorse: 4 mistakes to avoid

Personalized employee benefits lead to healthier employees, lower costs and better retention, productivity and culture.

How this HR’s Rising Star and ‘numbers person’ innovates in hard-hit hospitality

Conrad Riddle of Aimbridge Hospitality, one of this year's HR's Rising Stars, is bringing an analytical mindset to the profession.

This Mental Health Awareness Month, how 2 employers transformed their strategies

Employers including PwC and Wellstar Health System are rethinking how they meet the needs of their employees in a post-COVID world.

Emergency savings: A ‘gateway drug’ to better retirement savings

Commonwealth’s Nick Maynard shared how organizations like Best Buy, UPS and AutoNation are bolstering emergency savings support to set employees up for long-term retirement success.

How Cisco transformed benefits delivery with a high-touch, high-tech strategy

Cisco's integrated benefits strategy is helping employees seamlessly get connected with professionals for support.

Genetic testing: The next frontier in employee benefits?

Cost saving is just one benefit of offering employees genetic testing as part of a holistic benefits strategy.