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Compliance and policy

EEOC commissioner on what’s driving the ‘explosion’ of mental health discrimination claims

Keith Sonderling advised CHROs at HRE’s Strategy Summit about the rise of mental health discrimination claims amid return-to-office mandates.

As high-profile strikes tentatively end, what is the lasting impact?

UAW and SAG-AFTRA strikes appear to be coming to a close. But, experts say, union activity nationwide remains on the upswing.

Biden executive order on ‘trustworthy’ AI: What HR needs to know

The White House issued an executive order today detailing regulations on AI systems. Here's how it impacts human resource leaders.

Why pay transparency won’t work without real pay equity transformation

According to a new study, employers are largely moving toward more transparency because of regulatory changes. That approach may not work.

What HR needs to know about the EEOC’s new enforcement plan

Here are 4 steps to build a culture that encourages diversity and inclusion while avoiding systemic discrimination.

With I-9 processes going virtual, what HR needs to know

Here are expert tips to make sure your remote employee “boarding passes” are ready for new DHS I-9 regulations.

4 ways to ensure workplace music won’t land your company in court

A recent court case highlights the complicated issues involved in music at work that could land an employer in hot water—or the courtroom.

How HR can navigate today’s uncertain legal DEI landscape

As activist groups pursue lawsuits against corporate diversity efforts, here are guideposts from employment attorneys for HR to consider. 

The AI x HR collaboration—teaming up with machines

Being unprepared for AI isn't an excuse, because AI has been at work in many HR systems for years. Don't make an expensive mistake.

HR Tech Check: Building confidence in AI

Safety, security and trust are fundamental aspects of responsible AI for HR tech.