Synchrony tackles RTO with workplace flexibility—and it yields results

Although 90% of employers expect to have workers back in the office to some degree by the close of 2024, according to a survey by, many still struggle with how to make it work, such as through a voluntary or mandated return-to-office policy.

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Financial services titan Synchrony chose to rely heavily on its workforce for answers. Synchrony CHRO DJ Casto recently shared with HRE how the organization’s HR team developed an RTO policy rooted in workplace flexibility and the success metrics it yielded.

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Dawn Kawamoto, Human Resource Executive
Dawn Kawamoto
Dawn Kawamoto is HR Editor of Human Resource Executive. She is an award-winning journalist who has covered technology business news for such publications as CNET and has covered the HR and careers industry for such organizations as Dice and Built In prior to joining HRE. She can be reached at [email protected] and below on social media.