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Guest viewpoints

As anti-obesity drug prices soar, how employers can navigate difficult choices

High prices for anti-obesity drugs known as GLP-1 medications, couple with high employee demand, are giving employers a lot to think about.

Where are employee benefits headed in 2024?

Employers are increasingly recognizing that benefits need to be personalized and supported by a proactive strategy and data-driven approach.

Can generative AI solve the professional burnout problem?

Harnessed properly, gen AI gives human intelligence the space it needs to grow, and that will help us all find greater value in our work.

HR’s role in delivering ethical AI: ‘Great power, great responsibility’

By fostering a culture of ethical AI use, HR can harness the full potential of the tech while upholding their commitment to compliance.

The new social contract: affordable, quality health benefits

As benefits costs continue to rise, employers and employees must commit to better health to reap the personal and organizational benefits.

6 keys to attracting and retaining Gen Z women

A recent forum with top HR executives revealed the challenges and opportunities employers are facing to engage with Gen Z women.

Veterans Day reflections: What HR can learn from the Army on leadership

A CHRO and Army veteran shares insights on the unique leadership capabilities that military members can bring to the HR function.

6 key realities for HR leaders in 2024

HR leaders envision a people-led, tech-empowered future to drive business growth.

In the hybrid era, are you overlooking your ‘mismatched’ employees?

More than one-third of employees are "mismatched": remote when they want to be in-office, or in-office when they want to be remote.

Why modern succession planning needs a skills-based approach

When organizations continuously assess skills, they can build a better foundation for a successful succession-planning strategy.