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Guest viewpoints

Managing the people side of change in times of rapid growth

Although the process is a collective effort, HR is foundational to successfully navigating through the changes that come with growth and transformation.

Redefining EX for a new era with technology

HR leaders have an opportunity to be a leading voice in any technology conversation.

Increasing engagement among frontline and deskless employees in 3 steps

A supply chain—and any 'digitally detached' workforce—is only as strong as its weakest link. Don’t let that link be disengaged workers.

3 ways to revamp your hiring process to bring in and keep top talent

Hiring great employees isn’t difficult when your company is desirable to top talent.

Race, culture and mental health—how DEI can unlock change

The time is now for listening to the diverse needs of employees.

3 guiding principles for a successful acquisition

To mark the one-year anniversary of Accenture Federal Services' acquisition of Novetta, HR leader Lisa Sherhart reflects on lessons learned.

5 questions for HR to ask ahead of open enrollment season

Employers need to rethink employee support ahead of this year's renewal period.

3 essential strategies to win the war for talent

How automation and online platforms can increase retention and workforce productivity.

Why transparency can be the key to getting DEI reporting right

In the social and legal climate we’re in, it’s time to think about DEI differently.

5 ways to retain high-performing employees

The employee experience needs to be at the forefront of today's talent strategies.