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How WeightWatchers’ chief people officer solved a key HR challenge

WeightWatchers' chief people officer describes the significant results she's seeing after helping the organization boost its ability to collaborate around the world.

Why HR leaders need to tie culture with company performance

DEI backlash post-Supreme Court ruling and election-year political strife are two other significant challenges, says Kevin Oakes, co-founder and CEO of i4cp, in a video interview. Here is how HR leaders are managing.

How an ESPN HR leader is innovating to improve employee retention

Smart glasses for job shadowing is just one way that Dayana Falcon, talent mobility manager at ESPN, is experimenting to boost internal mobility. Hear her other suggestions in this video interview.

How CHROs can spot key global megatrends before they impact HR

HR leaders can sharpen their forecasting skills in a number of ways, including by contributing to the knowledge base of the broader HR community, a chief HR scientist says. He offers more actionable advice in this video interview.

How HR can strengthen talent management to improve employee performance 

When employees lack clarity on their role and purpose, it can impede their productivity and employee engagement, says a talent management expert. Here are some solutions for HR to offer supervisors.

5 surprising truths for HR leaders about workplace belonging

In this video interview, author and expert Adam Smiley Poswolsky shares common mistakes that HR makes when building a culture of belonging and ways to overcome challenges in creating connections.