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HR Tech Conference news

What the UKG layoffs say about resource redeployment in HR tech

As a private equity-backed HR tech company, UKG is likely making layoffs to invest in areas with higher potential returns, says industry analyst Josh Bersin.

3 key learnings from Microsoft’s journey to adopt AI in HR

The leader of Microsoft's efforts to incorporate AI into the tech giant's HR function offers strategies for driving adoption and ensuring meaningful impacts.

What’s driving some orgs to adopt AI in HR, while others hesitate?

New research finds that smaller businesses may be missing out on competitive advantages like efficiency and strategic insight by waiting to introduce AI in HR.

Is your workforce management technology up to the job?

Sapient Insights Group's Stacey Harris explores why so many HR leaders are replacing their workforce management tech, and what innovations are happening in this space.

What’s new and next in core HR and payroll as AI evolves?

Leveraging tech to strengthen the foundation of core HR and payroll can align those two areas, according to HR Technology Online keynoter Pete Tiliakos.

How new tech is challenging HR leaders to act as change agents

HR professionals need to understand AI concepts and how leaders can use new tools within their organizations, HRCI's Amy Dufrane says during an HR Tech Online keynote this week.

CHROs are highly involved with ESG, says industry analyst

Brian Sommer, author of "The Executive’s ESG Playbook," says ESG mandates are reshaping corporate responsibilities, especially for CHROs.