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People analytics

The AI x HR collaboration—teaming up with machines

Being unprepared for AI isn't an excuse, because AI has been at work in many HR systems for years. Don't make an expensive mistake.

Why pay transparency is turning CHROs into ‘chief human financial officers’

Pay transparency requires rigorous financial metrics usually associated with chief financial officers, giving birth to a new role for CHROs.

3 compensation issues topping HR’s priority list

Experts at last week's WorldatWork conference shared where the compensation pain points are, and what HR can do about them.

What HR needs to do to make skills-based hiring a success

HR experts offer some sage advice for employers looking to roll out a skills-based hiring model, which they say can be tricky but beneficial.

Chipotle’s secret sauce for retention? Data, development and DE&I

Chipotle Chief DE&I Officer Tawanda Starms shares how the company is tackling retention with a multi-pronged approach.

How to avoid common people analytics mistakes, from an expert

People analytics can not only identify inclusion gaps but also help HR leaders fortify this important mental muscle.

Balancing internal, external data to make the most of your people analytics

Manulife’s Travis Windling and WorkTech's George LaRocque discussed the potential of forward-thinking analytics strategies at Wednesday’s HR Technology Conference Virtual.

DEI expert: Don’t let economic uncertainty distract from diversity work

HR Tech Conference Virtual keynoter Dr. Denise Caleb says employers need to stay the course on their DEI work to secure long-term wins.

What Heineken USA is doing to break down bias in the beverage industry

Chief People Officer Segolene Prot says the organization’s second Behind the Label report highlights a path forward for inclusion.

The ‘enormous possibilities’ for ChatGPT, according to Josh Bersin

The power of the GPT-3 chatbot is astounding, particularly when pointed to deep, refined knowledge databases.