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Retaining diverse talent

Is it ‘boom or bust’ for DEI after SCOTUS affirmative action ruling?

A new report finds an uptick in corporate DEI investment after SCOTUS struck down college affirmative action.

How HR can navigate today’s uncertain legal DEI landscape

As activist groups pursue lawsuits against corporate diversity efforts, here are guideposts from employment attorneys for HR to consider. 

The 2 most effective DEI programs at Akamai Technologies

HR leader Khalil Smith also discusses the challenges and trends he’s seeing in HR as employees return to the office and embrace AI.

As more women rejoin the workforce, how HR can take advantage of this ‘huge opportunity’

With COVID in the rearview, women are rejoining the workforce at an all-time high. What should HR do to maximize that emerging talent trend?

Robin Roberts on why HR should encourage employees to ‘show up fully’ at work

Human Resource Executive and Paycom recently presented a conversation with broadcaster Robin Roberts on the topic of authenticity at work.

Why hair discrimination should be the next focus for DEI progress

As state legislative support for the Crown Act grows quickly, employers need to catch up, one expert says.

What HR needs to do to make skills-based hiring a success

HR experts offer some sage advice for employers looking to roll out a skills-based hiring model, which they say can be tricky but beneficial.

Newly released LGBTQ survey points to troubling metrics for employers 

LGBTQ employees told Indeed.com about their challenges to coming out at work, and what employers can do to better support them.

Chipotle’s secret sauce for retention? Data, development and DE&I

Chipotle Chief DE&I Officer Tawanda Starms shares how the company is tackling retention with a multi-pronged approach.

How to avoid common people analytics mistakes, from an expert

People analytics can not only identify inclusion gaps but also help HR leaders fortify this important mental muscle.