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Employee Benefits

Momentum shift: DEI metrics’ role in executive compensation wanes

For the first time since George Floyd’s death in 2020, the number of S&P 1500 companies tying executive compensation to DEI metrics has declined. Find out why and its potential impact on organizations.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy: ‘the beginning’ of a health benefits trend?

Employee interest in psychedelics for mental health treatment is growing, which experts say may drive interest among employers, eager to tackle the $3.7 trillion in annual costs for untreated mental illness.

RTO trends: Are we really all heading back to offices full-time?

Citigroup, HSBC and Barclays are the latest companies to require more employees to come into the office full-time. However, a return-to-office expert cautions HR leaders against assuming this is an emerging trend.

Many RTO policies are failing, research shows. Here’s how to fix them

A third of employees say their organization has modified its RTO policy more than once, signaling a high failure rate, work-from-home expert and Stanford professor Nick Bloom says in a video interview.