Survey: Finding Opportunity in Underrepresented Talent Pools




When it comes to talent management, the COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for employers—primarily a combination of the “Great Resignation” and the major shift to remote work. In short, it has been an atypical time for HR leadership.

One way to meet these emerging challenges is to seek talent in historically underrepresented talent groups, according to a new survey from Cielo and Human Resource Executive.

Among the survey findings, a consistent theme is that in many cases members of those underrepresented talent communities have capable skillsets to meet many employer needs. At the same time, approaches that could address this challenge – for instance, using a new learning paradigm or doing a comprehensive job description review, among others—could shake loose an understanding of what employers actually need from talent, versus what they’ve traditionally sourced for. The survey findings offer a glimpse into how employers can take advantage of this under the radar strategy.

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