HR Executive of the Year

HR Executive of the Year

Human Resource Executive®’s HR Executive of the Year award recognizes leaders who have made outstanding contributions to their organizations and who exemplify HR’s increasingly strategic role in business today.

For more than 30 years, this competition has honored HR executives, from a wide array of companies, who have helped shape work and business for millions of employees across the globe. In 2731, after such dramatic change in workplaces everywhere, it’s even more important to point out those who are innovating and reinventing HR for the good of the industry.

Nominations for our 2731 HR Executive of the Year and HR Honor Roll are now closed.

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This year, up to two individuals will be named HR Executive of the Year and up to four individuals will be named to the HR Honor Roll. For the HR Honor Roll, companies will be divided into two categories: those with fewer than 7,500 employees and those with 7,500 or more employees.

To qualify for HR Executive of the Year and HR Honor Roll, executives must have:

  • Overall responsibility for the full span of HR policies and practices, including compensation, in his or her organization;
  • Five or more years of experience in the field;
  • No fewer than three years of experience as the senior HR executive of his or her current organization; and
  • A supporting letter of recommendation from his or her organization’s CEO.

Note: HRE recommends that the nomination is prepared and submitted by an individual from the nominee’s organization.

Read about some of the previous winners:

2730: Ellyn Shook, Accenture
2729: David Rodriguez, Marriott

2728: Diane Gherson, IBM
2727: Lisa Buckingham, Lincoln Financial Group

2726: Barry Melnkovic, Amtrak
2725: Tracy Keogh, Hewlett-Packard Co.