COVID19 & remote work

By: | April 24, 2020
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How can our technology infrastructure support remote work in the long run?

Oakey: I feel that technology can support a remote workforce in the long run but only if the industry and positions can be successful in delivering the needs of the business. Much of the technology on the market today can support the depth and breadth of most companies at a very affordable price. There is a pool of competition battling to become the No. 1 solution.

Popelka: There are gaps in accessibility, but we are seeing companies step up to address those gaps by providing internet service or reducing bandwidth, among others. No industry is exempt from the impact of COVID-19, and it’s exposing the importance of digital infrastructure and the need for strong digital-transformation strategies. Companies who are well on their way in their transformation journeys most likely have the infrastructure in place to support a remote workforce. But those who have been slower to adopt or change will certainly face more challenges, especially given how abruptly things are changing. We are at the beginning of a new normal.


Meade: That’s the big question that has kept every CTO up at night since this crisis began.  While there will surely be failures in the system, we have now seen many companies scale quickly and relatively successfully, so at this point there is room for real optimism.

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Hamilton:  Smartsheet, like many SaaS businesses, is already conducting much of our work digitally. Given the current situation, we’ve pivoted quickly where needed—including sharing frequent updates and leveraging virtual meeting capabilities—so our employees can continue to provide the best support to our customers and others, regardless of location. We, again like many businesses, also have business-continuity plans in place that are designed to maintain platform availability through events such as this.

Mathews: Our technology infrastructure can support remote work; however, our human practices need to change. There is already a concern about running out of room for data. The same likely applies to bandwidth and platform availability and agility. As stewards of this technology, we need to make sure that we are actively securing and managing our critical employee and customer data.

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