COLLECTION: Strategies to manage coronavirus in the workplace

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By: | March 5, 2021

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March 5: Just in time for Employee Appreciation Day, employers falling short

Workers are looking for appreciation, but many say their company doesn’t recognize them or offer incentives.

March 4: HCM system changes are top of mind for HR. Here’s why that matters

A new survey finds that half of HR leaders expect to switch HCM systems this year, fueled by a budget boost.

March 4: Number of the day: Employers’ biggest COVID-19 vaccine concern

Small and mid-size business owners report a variety of worries, including the slow rollout of the shots.

March 4: Why employer wellness, caregiving programs are falling short

Fewer than three in 10 employers say their initiatives have been effective at supporting employees.

March 4: Women in our workforce are struggling: 4 ways HR leaders can help

These strategies from PwC can keep women—and especially mothers—healthy, productive and ready to remain on the job.

March 3: This CHRO approaches health and wellness with a legal mindset

Maxine Carrington, a speaker at Spring HR Tech, brings an analytical outlook to her work helming HR at New York’s largest health system.

March 3: How HR tech can help ‘cut through the noise’

Spring HR Tech keynoter Jason Averbook says technology’s ability to enable employee experience has never been more needed.

March 2: 2 crucial skills for employers to teach their workers now

With the ‘future of work’ upon us, HR needs to invest in digital literacy and emotional intelligence, writes the University of Phoenix CHRO.

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March 2: Mayer: What did we get right—and wrong—during COVID-19?

Let’s talk about it at HBLC.

March 1: These 6 start-ups will be in the ‘spotlight’ at Spring HR Tech

The pandemic hasn’t slowed down innovation in HR tech.

March 1: How culture can empower the next generation of female leaders

Workplace inclusion can accelerate progress for women.

March 1: Employer report card: 5 steps for boosting your employee morale grade

Think less Zoom and more good causes and DEI efforts, this analyst and Top 100 HR Tech Influencer writes.

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