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Why employers are focusing on remote work, the election

It's no surprise that employee wellbeing and the new federal administration are top of mind for employers.

Number of the Day: election employee stress

According to meQuilibrium's mood-tracking tool, the day after the U.S. presidential election was the most stressful of the year for employees.

Post-election challenge: Helping employees cope with results

Witnessing anxiety and stress, smart leaders are supporting workers and validating their feelings–without engaging in political debate.

Number of the Day: Post-election communication

Few employers have a specific plan to talk with their workforce about the election. But that's a mistake, experts say.

Post-election federal stimulus a top priority for SMEs

A new survey lays out small and medium employer concerns regarding the need for added post-election stimulus funding.

Here are the benefit changes to expect this election season

Healthcare always seems to dominate the election season. This year is no different.

#HBLChat to explore regulatory impacts to employee benefits

In advance of an HBLC keynote, a Jan. 29 Twitter chat with the American Benefits Council takes a look at what’s at stake in a presidential election year.

7 policies in your employee handbook that need review soon

A new presidential administration means that a new standard for evaluating employee handbook policies is likely. 

How burnout nearly ruined this exec’s life

At the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference, Michael Levitt shares a message all HR leaders need to hear.

How this CHRO keeps a forward focus, despite disruptions

DocuSign Chief People Officer Joan Burke says the company’s growth and investment in its people haven’t been slowed by the pandemic.