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To boost EX, Qualtrics’ top HR leader says start ‘listening and learning’

Qualtrics Chief People Officer Julia Anas says the software company shapes its people strategy with a sharp focus on feedback.

Can today’s employee listening tools predict workplace violence?

Listening tools are designed to collect and analyze the data from employee sentiments—but can they look into their impulses?

Rethinking culture: Leveraging employee listening to shift your approach

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 2:00 pm ET

Learn what matters most to employees when it comes to culture.

Creating Culture: The Critical Role of Employee Listening

Culture is the combination of experiences in getting work done. Shaping culture at your organization requires developing a solid employee listening strategy.

Oracle’s new platform latest sign of growth in employee listening

The employee experience and listening space is growing at 100% a year because of its importance in attracting and retaining workers amid the Great Resignation, analyst Josh Bersin says.

What recent acquisitions signal about the employee listening space

Big moves by Microsoft and Perceptyx speak to the evolution of this corner of the HR tech market.

HR Tech Virtual Number of the Day: listening to worker needs

Employers need to do a better job listening to what employees want or they’ll lose them, HR Tech virtual speakers say.

How Anne Erni has brought a culture of listening to Audible

The Amazon subsidiary follows five People Principles to keep its workforce and its business strategy aligned.

Averbook: Are you listening to the signals?

To drive change in HR, assess, align and act on what the world is telling us.

The pandemic’s surprising impact on employee engagement and enablement

A new Korn Ferry study examined how attitudes evolved during different phases of the crisis.