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HR Tech interview: ‘Inclusion and Accountability in PTO’ with PTO Genius

See analyst and WorkTech founder George LaRocque speak with Uli Orozco, co-founder of PTO Genius.

Number of the Day: unlimited PTO

New research from Glassdoor suggests employers looking to recruit and retain in today's climate may want to consider expanding PTO offerings.

PTO Benefits: Supporting Your Employees the Right Way

Create a PTO program that successfully supports your employees and their earned time off with this white paper!

HR Tech Number of the Day: using PTO benefits

Employees aren’t using their paid time off. Here’s what that means for HR leaders, says HR Tech Virtual speaker Adam Gordon.

Holiday spirit: Some employers handing out bonuses, extra PTO

After another tough pandemic year–plus a hot job market–many organizations are stepping up year-end benefits.

One startup’s benefits strategy: collective PTO, onsite childcare

Podium is taking aim at burnout–and trying to retain talent–with a host of offerings designed to support and unite workers.

Mailchimp’s burnout strategy? Collective PTO, summer hours

The tech firm is giving its 1,200 workers its second collective week off in seven months.

Will Biden’s support push more employers to offer PTO for shots?

What experts expect from the president’s call to provide workers paid time off for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Number of the day: PTO for COVID-19 vaccination

More employers are offering, or plan to offer, paid time off so workers can get shots.