The Business Case for AI in HR with Insights and Tips on Getting Started

Upcoming Webinar - November 7, 2018
By: | October 11, 2018
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Natural language processing, tone analysis, translation … the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI) promise much for HR in terms of budget efficiency, decision support and skill attraction. But, navigating the AI journey is not easy. The good news today is that the early adopters in this space have shared their learnings to ensure you have the ideal roadmap for your future journey.

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To fully understand these early adopter learnings, the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute embarked on a major interview exercise. Led by Sheri Feinzig, Ph.D., Director, IBM Talent Management Consulting and Smarter Workforce Institute, the research team spoke with 20 senior HR executives at IBM to gain insights into where and how best to start AI adoption in HR. The results of those interviews are now available to you.

In this webinar, you will not only discover the key learnings for AI adoption in all areas of the employee lifecycle, from candidate attraction, through hiring, compensation, learning, career management and HR support, you will also find out how you can best identify the ROI of these initiatives in your organization.

Join Sheri Feinzig and Thomas Stachura as they discuss use cases across the employee lifecycle and how IBM has measured the success of implementing AI. They will also cover practical topics such as how to get started and what skills you’ll need to succeed, as well as important issues related to fairness and the broader societal effects of AI on jobs.

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