7 Tips to Consider When Switching HR & Payroll Companies

Identify the best technology to create a winning workforce.
By: | August 21, 2018
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Webinar Date – September 20, 2018

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According to Forbes, the HR technology market is among the leaders in business software, at more than $14 billion. While traditional systems focus on core HR and payroll, the growth in this industry is fueled by today’s employers demanding more functionality as they struggle to manage engagement, culture and the expectations of a workforce that is dispersed, diversified and technology-dependent.

As employers, it can be overwhelming to navigate the successful recruiting and serving of five generations in the workplace. You may even be frustrated and resentful of the demands that define the newer breed of worker. Whether organizations are ready to embrace them, these new generations of employees are present, arriving in record numbers and quickly rising in the management ranks as future leaders. The employee experience you provide today will determine whose company the best millennial managers will lead tomorrow: yours or your competitor’s.

For employers and executives open to changing the status quo, this can be an exciting time for your organization. Fresh perspectives drive innovation. And according to Steve Jobs, “Innovation is the only way to win.” If winning to you means better understanding your workforce, leading a transformation in culture and engagement, or attracting and retaining the talent needed to grow your business, Paycom can help.

Your workforce technology sets the foundation for the employee experience you are able to provide your workers; ultimately, they determine the fate of your business. To identify the best technology to create a winning workforce, consider the seven tips provided in this free webinar.

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