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2023 Top HR Tech Products of the Year: Reejig Work Ontology

What it is: Reejig’s Work Ontology™ unbundles traditional job architectures into their atomized components, such as skills required, tasks and task adjacency, requirements and time allocated. Leveraging powerful proprietary AI, it is responsive and dynamic by nature, continuously extracting and inferring from the most comprehensive set of data in the industry to create a highly intelligent common language and framework around each unique organization’s work. Businesses can achieve their workforce optimization goals with personalized, actionable, real-time insights that support the redistribution of work to the most efficient and innovative resources, embrace emerging technologies and automation, and match their employees, candidates and contractors to meaningful careers.

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Why we like it: Generative AI and skills are the two hottest topics in HR technology this year, and Reejig combines them seamlessly into a sweeping skills technology solution. With automatic profiles and clear visibility into the work getting done, Reejig provides impressive insights into skills, skills gaps, work that needs to be done, roles, time required and many other facets of an organization. It can help improve hiring, productivity, diversity, equity and inclusion, change management and more.

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2023 Top HR Tech Products of the Year

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