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2023 Top HR Tech Products of the Year: HireVue Agile Assessment

What it is: An agile mindset encourages faster thinking, more accountability and more efficient, flexible ways of working—but understanding a candidate’s mindset isn’t easy. Enter the HireVue Agile Assessment, which uses a combination of structured behavioral interview questions and game-based assessments to identify candidates with an agile working and thinking style. This uncovers the potential of your candidates and internal talent pool to drive change and innovation, with the right skills to address today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. The Agile Assessment helps unlock the depth of talent in any organization, ensuring you can retain your best employees and their valuable expertise.

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Why we like it: We found that HireVue’s Agile Mindset Assessment approach digs into personality traits, skills and cognitive abilities. This promises to help employers find hiring fits that suit future needs, rather than solely basing decisions on what people have accomplished in the past or on static job descriptions that will eventually need to change to keep up with the times. A fair and consistent evaluation can result in the acquisition of diverse talent and avoid bias or interview variations. It’s scalable, with unique assessment tools for technical jobs (useful to recruiters who lack a technical background), and uses AI to safely automate time-consuming aspects such as scheduling and bottom-tier applicant management. Plus we appreciated the convenience and comfort offered to candidates in the form of flexibility and an element of fun.

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2023 Top HR Tech Products of the Year

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