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2023 Top HR Tech Product of the Year: CompAnalyst Pay Equity Suite

What it is: Salary.com’s CompAnalyst® Pay Equity Suite is the only end-to-end solution for modern pay equity, delivering a continuous focus on identifying, remediating and preventing pay equity issues. The product architecture is based on the Plunkett Pay Equity Framework, which defines pay equity as: equal pay for comparable jobs that are internally equitable, externally competitive and transparently communicated. This comprehensive approach to pay equity groups comparable jobs, models internal equity, identifies pay gaps, recommends remediation strategies, communicates analyses and proactively monitors for pay inequities across an organization. The business outcomes include mitigating legal risk while building a culture of trust.

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Why we like it: Compensation is a top concern in 2023. The emergence of this tool aligns with the fact that 94% of organizations, according to a Salary.com Pulse Survey, stated that employees are insisting on pay transparency. This resonates with the broader HR climate, where this topic is increasingly important yet just as increasingly complex. We appreciate that the CompAnalyst® Pay Equity Suite is designed to be both internally fair and externally competitive. Transparency builds trust, and HR leaders using this tool are better equipped to manage risk, identify gaps and deliver communication backed by robust data. One of the standout features is that analysis is seamlessly integrated into the user interface—eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheet reports.

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