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HR Tech Expo: How to make a plan (and have fun!)

From meeting with the buzz-worthy vendors to scoring the best swag, Steve Boese shares insights for making the most of the HR Tech Expo.

Workday jumps into talent intelligence with new AI career growth tool

Workday's tool aims to assist HR and managers to more efficiently drive career growth among their employees, with the help of generative AI.

Future-proof your people strategies at this new HRE conference

IA’s founder and managing principal will chair EPIC, HRE’s new people-centric, future of work conference, scheduled for April.

Attending HR Tech? 10 tips to make it your best yet

HR Tech Chair Steve Boese shares an insider’s look to maximize your personal and professional growth.

Stay until the end of HR Tech for the strongest lineup ever

This year's final day of HR Tech offers actionable insights from some of the industry's most well-known thought leaders.

4 innovative ways leading companies are tapping tech

HRE HR Tech Editor Jill Barth reports from Oracle’s CloudWorld 2023 conference, with actionable tech advice from a number of leading brands.

Is task switching draining you? AI to the rescue

A recent HR tech release from Microsoft and SAP uses AI to streamline platforms and restore time in the workday.

As start-up innovation explodes, see the latest and greatest at Pitchfest

Pitchfest, HR Tech Conference's fifth annual start-up contest, will include solutions addressing a range of HR pain points.

AI experimentation: Your next move to recruit Gen Z

One in five of 2024 graduates said they’d be more likely to take a job if it offered the opportunity to experiment with genAI. 

Buying AI? The questions HR leaders should be able to answer

Here are guidelines for building an AI governance plan that can be applied to any HR tech purchasing process.