Steve Boese: How to maximize your investment in HR tech | Video interview

Steve Boese, HR Technology Conference chair and president of H3 HR Advisors, talks about the elephant in the HR room and the mother of all of trends this year: artificial intelligence. Despite his busy schedule during the event, Boese took some time to chat with HR Tech Jill Barth about what he saw there.

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In this interview, Boese shares his perspective on how HR leaders can bring the AI conversation to their business leaders to maximize tech investment potential. He also tells the story of how a one-hour meeting with Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe turned into a three-and-a-half-hour dinner with plenty of discussion about HR technology. 

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This video is the fifth in a series from the HRE Studio at the HR Technology Conference & Expo 2023.

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Jill Barth
Jill Barth is HR Tech Editor of Human Resource Executive. She is an award-winning journalist with bylines in Forbes, USA Today and other international publications. With a background in communications, media, B2B ecommerce and the workplace, she also served as a consultant with Gallagher Benefit Services for nearly a decade. Reach out at [email protected].