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Microsoft VP discusses how his company has weathered remote work | Video

Fred Thiele said the adjustments to benefits made in and since 2020 were not entirely new benefits, but tweaks to help those working remotely.

Why is Congress watching these 2 drivers of rising healthcare costs?

Here’s how legislators are moving toward or stumbling over these issues of rising healthcare costs for employers, says Ilyse Schuman, senior vice president of health policy for the American Benefits Council.

How to avoid common people analytics mistakes, from an expert

People analytics can not only identify inclusion gaps but also help HR leaders fortify this important mental muscle.

Jenn Lim talks about how employees can understand emotional highs, lows | Video

The author and thought leader discussed how employees can benefit from understanding both the highs and lows, and reach happiness.

How Dow is refreshing its global total rewards for max impact

Michael Horne, Dow’s head of global total rewards, and his team are delivering results two years into the total rewards reboot.

How did PwC record big wins with its $2.4 billion people program?

Think rest and relaxation, among other foundations of the My+ cultural transformation program, says Chief People Officer Yolanda Seals-Coffield.

HR Tech interview: ‘DEI: Now is the time for action’ with Inclusively

Watch as analyst and WorkTech founder George LaRocque talks with Will Anastas, chief revenue officer for startup Inclusively.

HR Tech interview: ‘Take Friction Out of Recruiting’ with Paradox

Watch the conversation between analyst and WorkTech founder George LaRocque and Adam Godson, chief product officer for Paradox.

HR Tech interview: ‘Digital Transformation and HR Elevation’ with IBM

See analyst and WorkTech founder George LaRocque's conversation with Jennifer Kirkwood, talent transformation partner for IBM.