COLLECTION: April coronavirus news

April 30: Peter Cappelli: That vexing value of a life

Employers are now weighing the risks and benefits of reopening.

April 30: Tech tools in the age of COVID-19

The pandemic is driving the need for tools to meet new communications and safety concerns.

April 30: Digging into the ‘New Corporate Currency’

As employers consider reopening plans, Mark Cuban is cautioning them to focus on culture, which should go hand in hand with purpose and brand, according to i4cp.

April 30: Coronavirus resource spotlight: Workpartners Brain Manager

New digital tool looks to foster employee resiliency during pandemic crisis.

April 30: HRE‘s Number of the Day: mental health

New research reveals employers’ expectations for workforce stress levels in the coming months.

April 29: Financial health is workers’ biggest wellness concern

Workers are more concerned about their finances than they are about mental or physical health.

April 29: HR execs taking cautious approach to reopening workplaces

A scant 2% of employers surveyed believe they can remove precautions in a matter of weeks.

April 29: Is ‘belonging’ the new ‘D&I’?

In a world where “social distancing” has become the new norm, organizations are increasingly looking to foster a sense of belonging.

Lisa Bettinger Buckingham

April 29: Insights from a CHRO: Lincoln Financial Group’s Lisa Bettinger Buckingham

Veteran HR executive gears up to help her organization usher in the “new normal.”

April 29: HRE’s number of the day: coronavirus benefits support

Here’s how many employees say their employer isn’t offering programs to support them during the pandemic–and what it means for HR leaders.

April 28: HRE Soundbite: ‘Leading with strong values’ in the crisis

Accenture’s Ellyn Shook explores HR’s role in getting Americans back to work.

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April 28: 401(k) balances plunge due to coronavirus

Retirement account balances sank 19% in the first quarter, according to Fidelity Investments.

April 28: 5 coronavirus lessons from Ally Financial’s CHRO

The financial company’s Kathie Patterson talks about how she’s handling the coronavirus pandemic.

April 28: HRE’s number of the day: mental health programs

Here’s how many companies are providing special emotional and mental health programs because of the coronavirus pandemic.

April 28: Realities of remote work: tech and training

Even senior leaders may need some support on managing a remote workforce.

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April 27: Celebrating Take Our Kids to Work Day in the era of COVID

With millions of Americans working remotely, employers are finding creative ways to mark the annual event

April 27: Where do the experts stand on the longevity of remote work?

A panel of experts explores HR’s challenge to keep workforces productive and engaged–largely from home–during and after a dangerous and uncertain pandemic.

April 27: Realities of remote work: keeping connected

Communicating with at-home employees requires a measured approach.

April 27: HRE’s number of the day: employee flexibility

More companies say they’re providing additional scheduling flexibility to employees with children during the pandemic.

April 24: Realities of remote work: psychological safety

Prioritizing employee wellbeing has been a key component of SEI’s response to the pandemic.

April 24: Benefits news you may have missed: April 20-24

From the fate of 401(k)s to employers investing in benefit offerings, here are some of the top stories for HR and benefits leaders.

April 24: HRE’s number of the day: employers’ 401(k) plans

Here’s how many companies are mulling whether to cut or eliminate retirement plan contributions.

April 23: Live Q&A with Josh Bersin: Coronavirus and HR

Analyst Josh Bersin discusses COVID-19 impacts on the workplace and outlooks on the future of HR with HR Technology Conference Chair Steve Boese.

April 23: Will 401(k) matches fall victim to coronavirus pandemic?

Forced to cut costs, employers are considering halting or reducing retirement matches. But the move might be temporary.

April 23: 4 tips for communicating a halt in 401(k) matches

Industry experts offer HR and benefits leaders advice on how to communicate retirement account changes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

April 23: HRE’s number of the day: hiring

Many employers are relying on video as they recruit and hire remotely.

April 22: Realities of remote work: driven by values

HR can serve as the “conscience of leadership” during this unprecedented time.

April 22: Insights from a CHRO: Grabango’s Saralynn Malott

The HR standout brings extensive experience to a fast-growth tech start-up.

April 22: HRE’s number of the day: remote work confidence

Here’s how many employees feel they can do their job efficiently at home during the pandemic–and what it means for HR leaders.

April 22: Coronavirus resource spotlight: Unum’s HR Trends podcast

New podcast and resource site dives deep into legislative and compliance issues.

April 21: 5 key ingredients for creating a supportive culture during a crisis

HR leaders have a critical role to play.

April 21: HRE’s number of the day: Emergency savings concerns

Here’s how many Americans say a lack of savings is their top financial concern during the pandemic–and what it means for HR leaders.

April 21: Josh Bersin: 4 ways to build organizational resilience

Designing organizations to adapt is key to success in situations like today’s.

April 20: Ally Financial’s COVID-19 strategy: Embrace employee benefits

More paid time off, expanded childcare support and a one-time check for $1,200 are among the strategies for helping workers, CHRO says.

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April 20: IBM offers best practices for managers during the COVID-19 crisis

Like other employers, the tech giant is offering its managers tools on how to engage and destress employees.

April 20: HRE’s number of the day: Caregiving attention

Here’s how many employers are focusing more on caregiving benefits–and what it means for HR leaders.

April 17: HRE’s number of the day: remote work

This is how much many workers say they’re more productive now that they’re working from home.

April 17: Benefits news you may have missed: April 13-17

From misconceptions on telehealth awareness to resource spotlights, here are some of the top stories for HR and benefits leaders.

April 17:Why HR needs ‘dexterity and grit’ in today’s world

The pandemic crisis has forced CHROs to consider the critical qualities necessary for being effective as an employee and as a leader.

Bruce Daisley (Photo credit: Sam Hodges)

April 16: Former Twitter exec says this is how to ‘bring joy’ to work

Bruce Daisley hopes his new book will help employees overcome the new challenges they’re now facing.

April 16: A crisis is a terrible thing to waste

The pandemic is accelerating the change, innovation and disruption that have long been in the works for HR. This is our moment.

April 16: Using HR tech to meet the challenges of COVID-19

As workforces around the world adjust to the changes being ushered in by the coronavirus pandemic, technology will likely be more important than ever.

April 16: HRE’s number of the day: financial health


Here’s how many employees say the pandemic is making them feel worse about their financial health–and what it means for HR leaders.

April 16: Missing HBLC? More benefits topics to catch up on

Though the coronavirus means we aren’t gathering for our benefits conference, HRE’s coverage of the industry’s hottest trends continues.

April 15: Will remote work continue post-pandemic?

Employers may see that many onsite jobs ‘could be done just about anywhere and could be done just as well,’ one expert says.

April 15: What HR priorities are being affected by remote work?

The coronavirus pandemic has forced millions of employees to work from home–and that shift to remote work may be the new normal for quite some time.

April 15: HRE’s number of the day: Finding work

Here’s how many days it took for a group of employers to come together and create a platform to help get the unemployed back to work.

April 14: Coronavirus resource spotlight: OneDigital’s health cost tool

The solution is designed to help employers estimate health plan costs in today’s uncertain environment.

April 14: Coalition launches to connect unemployed with jobs

Backers of the free B2B service say it may help hundreds of thousands get back to work.

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April 14: How HR can rethink workforce planning, hiring

Workforce planning will need to be rethought, as senior executives delay their planned retirements and high potentials consequently see less opportunities for moving up.

April 14: HRE’s number of the day: Coronavirus stress

Here’s how many employees say the pandemic is the most stressful time of their career–and what it means for HR leaders.

April 14: How coronavirus has spotlighted the need for succession planning

All critical positions must have backups.

April 13: How HR should communicate in a crisis

Senior leaders not only have to be excellent communicators but they must be exceptionally skilled in crisis situations.

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April 13: Microsoft offers 12 weeks of paid parental leave due to pandemic

The tech giant is the latest employer to beef up benefits and offer extra support for employees working at home.

April 13: HRE’s number of the day: Telehealth misconceptions

Here’s how many Americans say they don’t think they have access to telehealth–and what it means for HR leaders.

April 10: Here are some alternatives to layoffs

An employment law expert shares a few options for employers looking to avoid reducing staff.

April 10: Crisis shines light on caregiving benefits

Employers were already increasingly looking to meet the needs of caregiving employees.

April 10: Why TD Bank Group prizes its ‘kaleidoscope of generations’ at work

The bank’s head of D&I shares secrets to success of managing a diverse, global workforce.

April 10: Staffing firm Aquent extends paid sick leave to gig workers

The new policy, spurred by the pandemic, is unique in covering temporary and gig workers–who historically have missed out on workplace benefits.

April 10: HRE’s number of the day: communication

This is how many employers are frequently sharing information about their responses to COVID-19–and what that means for HR leaders.

April 9: I’m a remote worker. Here’s what I want HR leaders to know.

The coronavirus pandemic is shining a light on remote work benefits, and there are important lessons to learn.

April 9: Decisive corporate leadership today will build employees’ financial resilience

Former Pfizer CHRO weighs in with lessons from the Great Recession.

April 9: Catching up with Pitchfest winner Ben Brooks of Pilot

It’s been half a year since Pilot won $25K for its coaching platform at HR Tech. What’s changed for the startup?

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April 8: Lights, camera, action: Interviewing in our new reality

Do your digital interviews give job candidates the right impression?

April 7: Coronavirus-related paid employer leave could top $23 billion

Analysis from the Integrated Benefits Institute finds the staggering cost of sick leave and short-term disability as a result of the pandemic.

April 7: How Verizon’s CHRO is taking on the ultimate test

Values-driven approaches are key to rising to the challenge of COVID-19.

April 7: Eva Sage-Gavin: Our people need resilience

How quickly our world changes.

April 6: 6 strategies to maintain employee performance and engagement

HR leaders can restore productivity and deliver on employee experience by focusing on employees’ emotions.

April 6: What’s onboarding like for the new CHRO?

Best practices for new CHROs in a post-scandal, coronavirus world.

April 6: Work-from-home mandates create cybersecurity concerns

With millions of employees suddenly working remotely–and little time to prepare–employers are scrambling to ensure cybersecurity

April 3: These are employers’ top coronavirus-related concerns

Employers are pretty much on the same page when it comes to tackling the many workplace issues stemming from the pandemic.

April 2: WATCH: Bersin webinar on HR leadership during coronavirus

Weeks in, COVID-19 has shifted how CHROs are leading within their organizations. But innovations abound.

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April 2: Here’s how much employer healthcare costs could increase due to virus

New analysis has big implications for HR executives left managing company healthcare costs for the year.

April 2: Benefits companies offer free resources during coronavirus

From fitness videos and meditation apps to financial wellness and mental health help, a look at new resources available to aid employers and employees.

April 2: John Sumser: Focusing HR-tech development in the time of the virus

It isn’t yet possible to clearly see the next stage. It is possible to prepare for it, nonetheless.

April 1: Bersin webinar: Will coronavirus spark the new remote workforce?

Employers have a number of tools at their disposal to ready employees to work from home, more than 2,000 participants learned.