Tech tools in the age of COVID-19

The pandemic is driving the need for tools to meet new communications and safety concerns.
By: | April 30, 2020 • 7 min read

Not long ago—in a world that seems far, far away—human resource leaders had their sights set on mission-critical issues: how to attract new, high-performing talent or boost that ever-pesky employee engagement with the perfect balance of benefits and compensation.

While those key talent-management challenges remain, they have been completely subsumed by dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and all it entails—from how to manage a hastily arranged shelter-in-place workforce to ensuring employees who need to work on-site are safe.


Bottom line, HR is now primarily focused on figuring out how to remain effective, if not agile, in its reaction to coronavirus’ economic decimation.

In all major global disruptions of the past, there has been an opportunity for technology to ease paint points affecting employees—and COVID-19 is no different. Following is an overview of a few tech-based solutions helping in key areas, mainly remote work, employee safety and expanded, effective communications.

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