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80%: Percentage of employers now using video in the interview process

While hiring has been frozen in many industries given the financial uncertainties related to the coronavirus pandemic, for those that are still expanding their ranks, video has become an integral part of the recruiting, hiring and onboarding process. According to a new survey from Jobvite, 80% of the 200 recruiters who were surveyed are building video into the interview process. Further, 61% are using video to screen candidates, and 73% are relying on the technology for onboarding new hires.

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Talent acquisition leaders must be both adaptable and efficient to thrive in the current climate, says Andre J. Boulais, senior director of recruitment marketing services at Jobvite. He notes that research has shown the average recruiter saves more than 900 hours a year by incorporating text and video features into the interview-screening process–while simultaneously improving the candidate experience.

“Not only is this technology vital to the recruiting process right now, but recruiters and HR professionals need to adapt as technology changes the ways we attract, engage and hire talent in 2020 and beyond,” he says.


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Jen Colletta
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