HRE’s number of the day: coronavirus benefits support

Here’s how many employees say their employer isn’t offering programs to support them during the pandemic—and what it means for HR leaders.
By: | April 29, 2020 • 2 min read

41: Percentage of employees who feel their employer is not currently offering benefits or programs that help support them during the pandemic

Nearly half of workers say their employer is not offering programs or benefits that improve their wellbeing during this challenging time, according to MetLife research. The insurer surveyed more than 2,300 U.S. employees for results. Meanwhile, the vast majority (77%) say there are benefits or programs that, if offered by their employer, would ease their stress and improve their wellbeing.

What it means to HR leaders

With employees dealing with unprecedented amounts of stress, concerns and health issues due to the coronavirus pandemic, employer support—notably through programs and benefits—is paramount, experts say. And the fact that nearly half of employees say support is not available shows that vast improvement is needed.


In particular, employees say flexible work hours, mental wellness programs, financial wellness programs and insurance benefits that offer lump sum or cash payments would help alleviate their stress and increase their wellbeing during this time, if offered by their employer.

“Across industries, employers have an opportunity to be a source of support for employees facing unprecedented challenges by offering tools and resources to address their immediate concerns,” says Todd Katz, MetLife’s executive vice president of group benefits.

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