Coronavirus resource spotlight: Unum’s HR Trends podcast

Here’s a look at a resource site from benefits company Unum that provides legislative guidance during coronavirus.

What it is: Unum’s HR Trends

The benefit firm’s new site and podcast, HR Trends, provides regular updates on how coronavirus is impacting HR professionals and businesses. The site contains a weekly updated podcast episode, downloadable webinars on key industry topics and other information to help corporate leaders during the coronavirus. It’s available to all employers on the company’s website.

Why it’s helpful: Unum’s new resource provides information on a variety of issues affecting HR professionals in wake of the coronavirus pandemic, but it dives deep into legislative issues, from the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the Paycheck Protection Program to how COVID-19 impacts the Family Leave and Medical Act. And it aims to do so in a simple way, explains Ellen McCann, assistant vice president and legal counsel at Unum.

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Other insights: The coronavirus pandemic is shining a spotlight on legislative guidance for employers nationwide, as the impact of the virus is affecting several workplace compliance and policy matters. “I think it’s more important to understand legislative guidance in HR right now than it’s ever been,” McCann says. “We’ve never seen changes come at such a rapid pace. Typically, the DOL and the EEOC issue proposed regulations, and we have quite a bit of time to review them and comment before they are final. But in recent weeks, we’re getting FAQs and guidance at a rate I’ve never seen in 30 years.”

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