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Career Development

As pressure mounts on managers, 3 ways to improve their effectiveness

Layoffs and a possible recession are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the challenges facing today's managers.

Amid ‘triple squeeze’ of pressures, HR setting its sights on leader effectiveness

A new report from Gartner illustrates how uncertainty and new pressures facing HR are shaping their 2023 agendas.

PepsiCo’s HR teams couldn’t access their own ‘knowledge.’ AI came to the rescue

The soft drink and snack manufacturer had a wealth of business information, but no way to find it. That's where Lucy's AI tools came in.

How HR leaders can mitigate burnout and engage today’s workforce

Employee support and engagement is vital to tackling trends like quiet quitting.

How mentorship is driving retention at Amazon

Coaching new hires should start during onboarding, says the CEO of mentoring solution provider Chronus, used by tech giant Amazon.

3 dumb questions about skills (and ones you should ask instead)

Organizations struggling to get started with a focus on skills may be having the wrong conversations.

Easier to hire from outside than promote from inside? What that means

If you're modernizing your workforce for a possible recession, it's time to overhaul how you identify and reward internal talent.

Why HR leaders need talent intelligence to prepare for the future

As skills grow in importance, managing the data that drives learning systems is more important than ever.

Why the L&D market is facing growing pains

Providing employees with skills to grow their careers is still a priority but a crowded market and a possible recession could have an impact on tech choices.

HR Tech Quick Hits: How VR is boosting learning at Bank of America

Also, what Coca-Cola learned about its employees from Viva.