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5 insights to help with workforce planning in the COVID age

Lessons learned in 2020 can strengthen employer relationships with employees, whether they're relocating, working remotely or gig partners.

Why the ‘workplace as we knew it’ is no more

Lifesize Chief People Officer Gayle Wiley explores the lasting impacts of the pandemic and HR’s role in helping employees manage those changes.  

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Cappelli: Cutting pay for remote workers isn’t a real fairness strategy

Some Silicon Valley organizations are recalculating pay for workers who live in lower-cost areas.

How do you attract young professionals in a pandemic?

A program that promotes Kansas City as a talent destination is shifting its approach to internships.

What the freeze on foreign worker visas means for HR

President Trump's order will cause employers to look for ways to adjust. It won't be easy, say experts.

HRE’s number of the day: Finding work

Here’s how many days it took for a group of employers to come together and create a platform to help get the unemployed back to work.

Is Vermont’s remote-worker program a model?

The state's creative solution to potential worker shortages has yielded big results, officials say.

Can ‘Work from Anywhere’ Improve Employee Productivity?

New research suggests that for certain types of jobs, flexibility leads to better results.

Will Amazon HQ2 Truly Be a Talent Magnet?

A just-released study suggests many metro D.C. employees may be ready to switch jobs.