David Shadovitz

David Shadovitz is editor emeritus and former editor and co-publisher for HRE.

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A chatbot named Dottie is helping the chain's largest franchise speed hiring.

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Through a wide range of new initiatives, MSLC’s David Mancari has played a major role in taking engagement to the next level.

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HRE’s founding–and departing–Editor Dave Shadovitz reflects on 32 years at the helm during a time of great transition for HR.

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Systems and data are two barriers that are standing in the way of greater collaboration.

Inside Job

Many employees would prefer to look inside their organizations for new and better positions.

The Next Chapter for Learning

Analyst Dani Johnson discusses technology’s role in transforming L&D.

How Policymakers Are Transforming Benefits

American Benefits Council President James Klein offered HBLC attendees a peek inside the Beltway.

2 Employers Tackle the Quality-Care Challenge

Walmart and Honeywell share their programs aimed at addressing cancer.

3 Trends That Are Transforming Wellbeing

HBLC presenter discusses latest research that shows a shift to sophisticated cost-containment models.

Disruptive Tech and the Future of HR

Human-capital expert Ravin Jesuthasan explores how to maximize emerging technologies, such as AI and machine learning.