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U.S. salary increase budgets hit 20-year high

Despite concerns of a recession, employers hiked salaries more than expected this year, though 2024 may hold a different story.

Not posting a salary range? You may be losing half your applicants

This figure comes as more companies grapple with whether to pursue pay transparency if their states don’t require it.

Salary increase projections for 2024: What the numbers say

It's still an employee's market, a new survey finds, though there are signs that record salary budget increases could slow in the future.

Gen Z is taking over the workplace: 5 things HR leaders need to know

Organizations that ignore Gen Z workers do so at their peril, particularly as they soon will make up a third of the workforce.

3 ways HR leaders can build a foolproof employee recognition strategy  

Prioritizing employee recognition can help take your retention and engagement to new heights.

CEO pay is continuing to skyrocket: Do employees care?

Why does CEO pay keep going up? And is the ratio of CEO pay to average employee pay impacting the business?

King’s Hawaiian killed old-school performance reviews. Should you too?

Here’s how Amy Hirsh Robinson decoupled pay and performance reviews at King’s Hawaiian–and lived to tell about it and share her lessons learned.

Why pay transparency is turning CHROs into ‘chief human financial officers’

Pay transparency requires rigorous financial metrics usually associated with chief financial officers, giving birth to a new role for CHROs.

3 compensation issues topping HR’s priority list

Experts at last week's WorldatWork conference shared where the compensation pain points are, and what HR can do about them.

9 best practices to improve your pay equity now

With pay transparency laws rapidly moving across the states, pay equity is getting front and center attention. Here are several ways to address that elephant in the room.