Benefits news you may have missed: Oct. 11-15

What World Mental Health Day means to these top HR leaders: Ahead of World Mental Health Day earlier this week, Marriott CHRO David Rodriguez took to Linkedin to share his professional concerns about a topic with very personal connections: the alarming rise in depression and anxiety throughout the workforce and at Marriott. And he’s not alone, as many HR leaders shared personal stories and advice about mental health to mark the occasion. Read more here.

5 ways to create a safe workplace culture for LGBTQ employees: “Coming out isn’t a one-time event,” writes Hummingbird Humanity CHRO Brian McComak. “It happens every day when I encounter someone new, and each time I have to decide if it’s safe to come out. Each situation requires revisiting those questions whether I’ll be safe and accepted.” To mark National Coming Out Day, McComak offers guidance for HR leaders looking to create more inclusive environments. Read more here.

How do you define EX? Create “an irresistible organization”: While the COVID-19 pandemic has shone an unprecedented spotlight on topics like workplace flexibility, culture and the need for empathetic leadership, there’s one area that has emerged as among the most talked-about HR priorities: employee experience. Read more here.

Labor shortage? Consider this untapped pool of talent: Businesses across the country are facing a labor shortage. Employers are struggling not only to bring back many of the workers they let go earlier in the pandemic but also to retain their existing employees. Adding to this challenge, the “Great Resignation” is far from over. One way to address this labor shortage—while also addressing companies’ commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion—is to focus on hiring people with disabilities, who are disproportionately under-employed or unemployed. Read more here.

Bersin: Why it’s time to build a new, improved deskless reality: While hybrid work is important, deskless workers have also experienced massive changes in the work world. HR has a critical role in designing the new reality for these employees, who make up about 80% of the global workforce. Winning the war for talent will depend on the deskless worker experience you offer, writes columnist Josh Bersin. Read more here.

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