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Work-life balance

Is ‘bleisure’ travel the new solution for employee burnout?

Allowing employees to tack on a personal trip to their business travel can bring big benefits to employers.

Why outsourcing your leave program isn’t quite what you think

Outsourcing your leave program is one-and-done, right? Here’s why you’re not totally out of the picture once you've signed the contract.

This Mental Health Awareness Month, how 2 employers transformed their strategies

Employers including PwC and Wellstar Health System are rethinking how they meet the needs of their employees in a post-COVID world.

How Procter & Gamble supports employees’ dual role as caregivers

Caregivers extend beyond employees taking care of their children and parents. Proctor & Gamble's deep dive is helping cover the gap.

5 important takeaways from Microsoft’s HR strategy

Microsoft’s vice president of global benefits and mobility describes actionable steps companies of all sizes need to consider around benefits.

5 ways to get creative with employee benefits

As employee expectations change, benefits strategy needs to follow, said HSA Bank's Kevin Robertson at this week's Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

The science of employee happiness: Embrace both the ups and downs

HBLC opening keynoter Jenn Lim says leaders should be prepared to help their workforces ‘live fully’ in both the highs and lows of their lives.   

Health benefits and leadership take center stage at this conference

Surround yourself with thought leaders in the HR health and benefits area May 3-5 at HRE’s annual Health & Benefits Leadership Conference in Las Vegas.

Remote work is trending down in Canada; is the U.S. next?

Remote work arrangements fell in 2022, and, for a number of employees who didn't have a choice of location, their wellbeing suffered, according to a new study from WorkHuman.

Don’t wait for the 4-day work week: Empower your employees in other ways

A 4-day work week probably won't be standard for a while, but your organization can still get all the same advantages by doing a few simple things now.