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Company culture

Your Culture Is Struggling. You Can Save It.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023 at 2:00 pm ET

These are challenging times, but too many are playing the culture blame game. You can change that.

Microsoft: AI can fix your productivity problem

Microsoft's new report finds that AI can be a significant asset to boost productivity and creativity. And employees want to use it.

Career mobility: the new college degree

As employees crave more career mobility, here are 3 ways employers can take the lead.

Microstress can kill productivity and hurt company culture; 4 ways to fight it

Culture fitness can mean the difference of a 20% variation among organizations’ employee productivity over a two-year period.

Microcultures in the workplace: What they are, and how to capture their business value

Microcultures arise when employees with commonalities join together, and when encouraged by the employer, they can yield a significant return.

How TruGreen grew its talent strategy to meet a 500% increase in hiring demand

TruGreen CHRO Rebecca Schoepfer shares how the lawn company retooled its employer brand to give voice to the associate experience.

Why this CHRO says it’s time for an ‘HR revolution’

From internal mobility to employee referrals, Banc of California's HR strategy has seen a complete transformation.

This org had no meetings for a month. Here’s what HR learned

TechSmith's month-long experiment without any work meetings was eye-opening for leaders and employees, and led to lasting changes.

How did PwC record big wins with its $2.4 billion people program?

Think rest and relaxation, among other foundations of the My+ cultural transformation program, says Chief People Officer Yolanda Seals-Coffield.

Reverse mentoring: A key to HR innovation?

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America's CHRO Tawanna Myers says listening to the voices of young people can be critical for forward-thinking people strategies.