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Remote work

Why mandated RTO could lead to massive executive departures

Fearing a loss of autonomy and work/life balance, many executives would leave an organization rather than return to the office, a recent Gartner report finds.

Asynchronous work: 3 strategies to make it more effective

For nearly 20 years, software company Atlassian has had a distributed workforce. Here’s what HR leaders can learn about making asynchronous work a success.

To make RTO work, HR and the CEO need to have some tough conversations

The number of employers instituting return-to-office policies is expected to soar to 80% by the end of the year, putting more HR leaders in the position of addressing the difficult topic with their top business leader.

Amazon digs in on RTO: Come back or it’s ‘not going to work out’

First, the tech giant announced corporate employees must work in a company "hub" three days a week—or resign without severance. How will employees react now?