10 ways to drive TA success with AI, analytics and automation

Taking a page from David Letterman, a trio of panelists from Jobvite today outlined a top 10 list to HR Technology Conference and Exposition® about what talent acquisition will look like in the months and years ahead.

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The presenters were Zach Linder, vice president, analytics and machine learning; Morgan Llewellyn, chief data officer; and Dwaine Maltais CEO of Talentegy, which was recently acquired by Jobvite, a talent acquisition technology provider headquartered in Indianapolis.

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In descending order, Jobvite’s top 10 ways that AI, analytics and automation will reshape TA, by enabling HR and TA leaders, are:

  • 10. improve the candidate journey
  • 9. foster greater diversity and inclusion
  • 8. improve audience targeting
  • 7. hire more qualified candidates
  • 6. engage candidates faster
  • 5. source better candidates
  • 4. screen candidates quickly
  • 3. host better events
  • 2. demonstrate results
  • 1. solve the unsolvable

For example, Llewellyn outlined why there is a “real business case” to be made for why your organization should be more diverse and more inclusive, apart from the legal concern for many organizations.

“When we talk or think about diversity and inclusion, it’s not just enough to have a diversity and inclusion feature within it within a TA product,” he said. “Diversity and inclusion should be part of everything that we do from a data and an AI perspective.”

“It’s about being able to widen that funnel, to find the best candidates, and then use other pieces of AI, use the recruiters themselves to help narrow that funnel down for D&I,” he added.

“Diversity and inclusion should be part of everything that we do from a data and an AI perspective.” Morgan Llewellyn, Jobvite

When it comes to No. 1 on the list, solving the unsolvable, Llewellyn said, the idea is that, as vendors and employers work together and collaborate, things that seemed impossible not long ago suddenly can become possible.

“This is not the AI and ML from over a decade ago,” Llewellyn said. “This is ready for prime time. We work with customers to understand their challenges, where can AI can better assist and help them really achieve the business objectives.”

In the end, said Linder, the critical point for embracing emerging tech in TA is understanding where it can make improvements and exposing that data in the form of key metrics or dashboards that can easily be tracked on a regular basis. This Linder said, is critical to continuing to evolve and improve the results of recruiters and members of the talent acquisition team.

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