HRE’s number of the day: The way we work

57: Percentage of U.S. workers who believe the coronavirus has changed the way we work for the better.

With almost one in three employees considering the office to be a thing of the past, a majority of employees believe the impacts of COVID-19 on workers have made the employee experience better, according to new data from personal finance site Wallethub.

What it means to HR leaders

As the economy restarts, company leaders need to consider how social-distancing restrictions change how the workplace functions.

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While flexible work arrangements had been gaining traction prior to the pandemic, COVID-19 pushed employers to quickly restrategize the day-to-day way employees remain productive.

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Will this the remote workforce last forever? If both employers and employees see value in it, then absolutely, says McGrath.

Facebook and Twitter have weighed in on making remote work a permanent perk, while Microsoft is allowing remote work until at least the fall and Google until 2021.

“If workplace flexibility is an expected employee perk, then employers will continue to offer that benefit to hire and retain quality people, which should be a prime the goal of the employer,” McGrath adds. “So as long as productivity remains strong, and employees experience greater job satisfaction, then I do not see things changing.”

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